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Who Built the Eiffel Tower?

The moment you enter the fashion city of the world -- Paris -- you will notice the Iron Lady greeting you with great exuberance. You must have already guessed who this Iron Lady is. Well, if not, then it is none other than the huge and magnificent Eiffel Tower. Standing at a height of 1,052 ft, this latticed tower is built with iron and is visible from any part of the city. Eiffel Tower is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris.

Constructed by a famous engineer and designer Gustave Eiffel, it is the most appealing thing in Paris. Tourists flock in near the magnificent tower to have a glimpse of this rarest and amazing architectural model. The tower has been accepted as an iconic construction in France. The credit for designing this architectural model of course goes to Gustave Eiffel, but the vision of this single man was actuated by a workforce of three hard working men. No doubt this tower is considered the greatest manmade structure in the world built so far.

Alexander Gustave Eiffel, the man credited for designing this magnificent structure, was born on the December 15, 1832. He studied architectural engineering and gradually became an expert in designing metal bridges and railways. His career got a major breakthrough when he built the 525 feet long bridge for the railways called the 'Ponte Maria Pia'. This bridge soon became quite famous because it aided in traveling between the cities of Portuguese and Lisbon. The credit of designing another famous railway bridge known as 'Garabit viaduct' constructed in the year 1884 also goes to Gustave Eiffel. The Statue of Liberty was also designed by the same man in the year 1885. Later, he proposed and designed the Eiffel Tower. After getting the formal approval, the construction began in the year 1887. He used 18,038 pieces of iron fitted together with three million rivets.

Other names that are often included in the designing of the Eiffel Tower are his assistant engineers and designers, Maurice Koechlin, Emile Nouguier and Stephen Sauvestre. This tower was formerly inaugurated on 31st March 1889 and was opened to public visit on 6th May the same year.

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