Monday, March 7, 2011

Notifying Parents and Staff Of Snow Days

A school may organize an event like a PTA, sports day, price giving day et cetera. However, an unexpected state of weather may cause the delay or total cancellation of such an event. Some of the weather elements that can cause such disruption include snow, harsh winds, extremely heavy down pour amongst others. These elements, when they occur in great measures, can cause blockage of roads, power black out, cause unsafe conditions and may render some of the events like out door sports impossible.

In most systems of schooling, the authorities in the government dictate that students attend school for a minimum of certain days per annum. However, because of the great possibility of certain days being canceled out due to harsh weather conditions, then most schools schedule for some extra days during a time when they are almost certain that the A weather will be okay. Nevertheless, these extra days may remain unused when not all the days expected to be snow days have snow. Therefore, the school gives those days off to the school community.

The above conditions can sometimes occur unexpectedly demanding immediate communication by use of an emergency notification system to convey such school alerts to the parents, teachers, staff, students and any other relevant parties. without a reliable, fast and efficient method of conveying a message, snow days can quite bring about a lot of confusion. Hence the reason why installation and use of the automated dialing system is inevitable.

The above mentioned system is one through which one is able to relay voice or text messages to certain parties or groups at the same time, and with the capacity to get uninterrupted feedback from each of the recipients. This is as opposed to the old method of picking up the phone and literary ad manually calling every person you need to call. The automated dialing system is not only effective, efficient, fast but also cheap. The cost of making one call ranges between six to nine cents.

The other advantage with this system is that you have the choice of not installing any external hardware device or installing any software. All you need to do is to enlist the numbers you want to send the message to, then type in the text message or record the voice message,.. After this, press the * button on your keypad, and the messages will be relayed. The recipient is able to give you any response they may wish to. Also, this method gives you a fully detailed report of whether the message was received. If the message was not received, the system has a way of letting you know why the message was not received by the recipient.

the only limitation with this method is that the recipient must have authorized you to communicate to them through the automated dialing system. However, in such a case ( that of a snow day, parent notification or emergency notifications) the rule doesn't apply. the school administration is allowed to give any alerts even when there are certain incidences of crime, accidents, fire, changes, etc that have occurred in the school.

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