Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black History Facts - What You Need To Know

The History of black people has been suppressed for a long time and more and more people are learning the truth. It is really sad that some of the inventions that were invented by black people were actually patented by wrong people. The inventions I am referring to includes inventions and discoveries, record breaking, little known and first. In this article I will focus on inventions and discoveries and deal with the rest of the staff in three other articles. Without any waste of time, lets first start with:

Inventions & Discoveries

Fact 1

The folding chair was first patented by Nathaniel Alexander. The folding chairs were designed to be used in churches, sports and events were lot of people gather

Fact 2

Jenny Coupler was invented by Andrew Jackson Beard in 1897, a device that made it possible for train cars to automatically join each other when bumped together.

Fact 3

Henry Blair, is recorded to be the second African-American to receive a patent, Henry invented a corn seed planter in 1834 and a cotton planter in 1836. It is also reported that he could not read or write and signed his patent with an X.

Fact 4

Otis Boykin invented electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the control unit for a pacemaker.

Fact 5

The street sweeper was invented by C.B Brooks I 1896. At that time it was a truck equipped with brooms

Fact 6

The “strong box” is reportedly created by Henry Brown. This is a metal container used to keep money and important documents.

Fact 7

George Carruthers invented the far ultraviolet electrographic camera, used in the 1972 Apollo 16 mission. This invention revealed new features in Earth's far-outer atmosphere and deep-space objects from the perspective of the lunar surface. Carruthers was inducted into the National Inventor's Hall of Fame in 2003.



Fact 8

The ice scream scoop was first patented by  Alfred Cralle and it is still used today.

Fact #9

African-American mechanical engineer, David Crosthwait, Jr. created the heating systems for the Rockefeller Center and New York's Radio City Music Hall.

Fact #10

David Crosthwait, Jr. holds 39 US patents and 80 international patents, and these includes a heating system for New York City's Radio City Music Hall, holds 39 U.S.

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