Thursday, January 27, 2011

Resistant Starch: Resistant Starch Foods

By Lindsay Christ on January 27th, 2011

Carbohydrates are no longer the enemy for dieters.

The Skinny Carbs Diet: Carb Lover%u2019s Diet Cookbook by David Feder RD explains that dieters shouldn%u2019t cut carbs from their meals. In fact, a certain kind, known as resistant starch, is said to boost the body%u2019s fat-burning power. Feder has been involved in food science and nutrition for almost 20 years.

Resistant starch has fewer calories than regular starches but is more filling so dieters feel satisfied quicker. Other health benefits it offers is the abilities to aid in digestion, control blood-sugar and lower cancer risk.

advertisement The book includes 150 recipes with resistant starch ingredients, instructions for cooking with resistant starch and the best food sources.

Examples of food with resistant starch include bananas, potatoes, corn, yams, lentils, brown rice and whole grain bread

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